Jun 13, 2021


A massive explosion that shook Iran’s capital was seen in area of the Islamic Republic’s eastern mountains which analysts believe is home to secret underground missile production sites, satellite photographs revealed on Saturday.

The Fars news agency initially reported that the mysterious blast was triggered by “an industrial gas tank explosion” adjacent to a defense ministry facility. It cited an “informed source” who said the site of the explosion was  unrelated to the military.

The incident took place in an area close to where international inspectors believe the Iran executed high-explosive tests two decades ago for nuclear weapon triggers.

The blast rocked homes, shook windows and ‘illuminated’ the horizon early Friday in the Alborz Mountains region. Later on, state TV aired a segment from what it claimed was the site of the blast.


One of its reporters stood in front of what looked to be large, blackened gas cylinders. However the footage raised eyebrows as the camera remained tightly focused and didn’t show the site’s surroundings. Defense Ministry spokesman Davood Abdi claimed that the blast came from an unidentified gas leak. He added that there were no causalties in the explosion. But skeptics like Heshmat Alavi smell a cover up.

Abdi described the site as a “public area,” raising the question of why military officials and not civilian firefighters would be in charge. The state TV report refused to respond reports AP.

Satellite images of the area, roughly 12 miles east of Tehran, showed hundreds of yards of blackened area not seen in images of the area taken in the weeks ahead of the incident. The building near the charred out area resembled the facility seen in the state TV footage.