Oct 20, 2021

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These days, this is the question every citizen of this country should now be asking him/herself.

All this hyperbole in the press regarding the annexation debate – it’s simply raging out of control of late. If Israel is truly an independent country, it should be able (and allowed) to make its own decisions concerning what areas it wants to annex and where its borders should or should not be.

This of course, is a simple truth.  After all, what right have we to dictate to Germany for instance, or the UAE for that matter, as to what territory they can place their flags.  Thank you World, but we know very well how to draw maps.  We’ve had map teams since the Palmach, before 1948.  Even as far as our true friends in the US are concerned (as long as President Trump is in office), who have the best intentions for all parties involved, we Israelis should really be left to decide, as proud Jews, where our biblical homeland borders can and should be applied.

Regarding this point, I was given salient advice years ago from a good friend of mine, Governor Mike Huckabee, who still had his talk show on Fox News at that time.  We met there while I interviewed him for my book (and film). Incidentally, producing his show was the current White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who went on after that to become the spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. Like Huckabee, another true hero of American values.  I was told that with respect to politics and the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel shouldn’t fear but should make the right move, and let God take care of the rest.

I couldn’t agree more. The same applies now, perhaps even more than then.

We the citizens know that ever since this state was born, our neighboring enemies have tried time and time again to not just determine our borders by means of warfare, but even to erase the borders entirely!  The PA will tell anyone that listens that the only acceptable borders as far as they’re concerned are the (indefensible) pre-1967 borders.  And don’t be fooled, even if that were to happen, heaven forbid, these leaders will tell you without blinking an eye that not even one single Jew would be allowed to live there, i.e., in a Palestinian State.  Having said that, a failure to annex the settlement blocs at this juncture in time would comprise a victory for the PA.  The word for ‘victory’ in Hebrew is nitzachon, from the root netzach – which actually means, forever.  Victory is not truly realized and/or achieved unless it can endure the test of time. 

At the risk of sounding naïve, I will attempt to state the obvious, namely that annexation is NOT the real issue that is being debated here.  No, the issue at hand my friends, is insuring Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state within secure borders for the foreseeable future.  By law.  Once and for all, and for all time.  That’s what’s really at stake here.  And that is what the PA cannot, and will not, subscribe to.

Not quite convinced yet?  Consider what the Palestinian people themselves are saying.

Thank God, for the past couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several think tanks/working groups associated with the US Ambassador and President Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” including submitting my recently published paper on an innovative solution comprising several practical steps towards the co-existence of our two peoples.  This includes the final status of the holy sites in Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount itself (see the latest issue of the Journal of Living Together:  The Israeli/Arab Peace Plan – An Alternative Approach for Conflict Resolution: The Final Status of Jerusalem and its Holy Sites).  I also presented these publicly last year as part of the distinguished lecture series at Queens College, and at the UN in New York City.

What I found was that our proposed peace partner is more interested in the international delegitimization of Israel more than a state for their people.  Most Palestinians themselves couldn’t care less about a state to be honest, and will only rally if they’re paid (or threatened) to do so.  When researching my paper I found that more times than not, every time the PA leaders threaten Israel over one policy or another, the Palestinian street becomes more and more sick and tired of their corruption.  Indeed, the people are singing a different tune.  In fact, a recent report on Channel 13 here in Israel confirms this to the point that many Arabs are actually glad to hear that Israel is intending to extend its sovereignty in the West Bank areas.  They want an Israeli ID too in their own villages!  What they want essentially is to enjoy lives of fulfillment and longevity.  Like all of us, no?  And get this, the only way they believe it will happen isn’t through Gantz or even Lapid.  No, they believe an economic boom can be achieved only through Bibi (Netanyahu). Why?  Because only he is strong enough to overcome the various pressures and get the job done.

I can and I will” – that is the modus-operandi that we need in our government today.  Without this approach, it’s no wonder that Israel is constantly on the defensive, always rolling with the punches. A day doesn’t go by where Israel isn’t publicly denigrated, from within and without.

The US ambassador, the Trump team and our government representatives are meeting today and again later this week.  They are not about to waste their precious time in Jerusalem (especially after taking the risk of travelling in lieu of the Corona Virus threat, etc.), fretting about those countries that will never appreciate the greatness, and indeed the miracle, of the modern Jewish state.  When these heads of state call, we try not to pick up (until afterwards of course!).  And even if these nations do go through with their threats, so what – is this something new? (so I won’t go to Dubai for the World Expo).

At the end of the day, the concept of a Greater Israel truly represents a greater place for ALL of its citizens.  While this may mean eventually giving over large sections of the West Bank to the Palestinians, that clause in the Deal will only hold true if the PA upholds their side of the bargain for up to 4 years, and without getting into all the nitty-gritty details (simple stuff like not blowing up buses, etc.), quite frankly the chances of those clauses being fulfilled are slim indeed.  Therefore, we need to go for annexation now boys, while the window of opportunity still exists.

But let’s do it our own way shall we, as the proud, Jewish, and sovereign nation that we are.

Looking forward. And fellow citizens…  we owe it to ourselves.