Oct 21, 2021

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When Netanyahu claimed that the deep state controls Israel and that’s the reason there’s no democracy in the Jewish state, he may have been referring to people like Sharon Afek, the current chief military advocate general of the IDF. Afek has a reputation of being an extreme leftist who selectively prosecutes soldiers based on their political motives. For example, Elor Azariya, the iconic IDF soldier who killed a terrorist was seemingly prosecuted mercilessly by the IDF legal unit headed by Afek. This campaign included the unprecedented move of enlisting a prominent private sector attorney to prosecute Azariya. Afek also instated a ruling that soldiers may no= longer kill terrorists who threaten them on the Gaza border and if their life is in indeed danger, they can shoot but must only aim lower than the knee.

The Military Attorney, Sharon Afek, speaks at the Military Lawyers Conference, in Tel Aviv, on April 25, 2017. Photo by Roy Alima/Flash90

The clash

Afek’s values seems to run counter to Netanyahu’s right-wing government but what shocks many Israelis is the shameless audacity Afek will demonstrate to implement an agenda that appears to clash with the democratically elected government. And he is just one of many explains Attorney Ziv Maor, who exposed the alleged deep state agents within Israel’s government on behalf of Zionist watchdog group Im Tirtzu.

Where does Afek get his confidence from?

Maor recently investigated a little known program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University that hosts rising stars within Israel’s public sector for a year long course in “leadership”. The program is sponsored by the Wexner Foundation. The foundation was founded by billionaire lingerie mogul Les Wexner and late pedophile Jeffery Epstein sat on its board of trustees. Israeli politicians who have helped advance The Wexner Foundation’s mission and programs include former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the late Shimon Peres. Both former PMs are considered to be on the extreme left as Peres was among the architects of the notorious Oslo Accords. Barak, was known to be a close associate of Epstein and was even photographed covering his face when entering the pedophile’s New York mansion.

The truth about the Wexner Foundation

According to its website, the Wexner Foundation’s mission is to “strengthen …Israel’s public sector by making their leaders more skilled, visionary and collaborative.” But according to Maor, the foundation’s true agenda is slightly more nefarious. As Maor explains, the founding director of the school’s Leadership program is Ronald Heifetz. Heifetz’ work on adaptive leadership includes the theory that authority does not equal leadership. According to Naor, this translates into a curriculum which teaches its students that they can challenge democratically elected officials like Netanyahu from their position of bureaucrat. “The theory teaches that the democratically elected leader isn’t worthy and that they need to be led by the lower level public servants.”

Ronald Heifetz (courtesy: screenshot)

The graduates align politically

Maor also asserts that all of the recruits of this program are left-wing. Furthermore, all of the expenses for the trip to Boston, the Harvard degree, the room and board are all paid for by the Israeli government in what he calls: “the biggest corruption scam in the Israel’s history.”

“This can lead to a million shekels ($291,000) per student, all at the expense of Israeli taxpayers.” Additionally, all of the program’s participants continue collecting their salaries from the state while they are participating in the course. Maor cites that there are laws against public servants receiving gifts and is currently fighting to enforce that law against participants in the Wexner Foundation. The problem is that Israel’s Justice system is riddled with Wexner graduates.

Positions of influence

Maor concludes that just about all of the foundation’s graduates don’t end up in fields like energy or agriculture but rather those that can influence the state’s security and foreign policy such as the military, police and courts. One prominent example he gives is Israel’s current chief of Staff Aviv Kokhavi who – also a graduate of the Wexner Foundation.