Oct 24, 2021

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In a recent video, the Jordanian Opposition Coalition broadcast the true sentiments of Muslims on the Temple Mount. The host of the video interviewed several Muslim men in the Al Aksa compound of the Temple Mount who reveal that Jordan, who assumes custodianship of the holy site, embezzles funds meant to maintain the site.

When asked why the shrine on the Mount is “in such bad shape”, one of the Muslim worshipers recommends he ask the manager of the site and head of the Jordanian Wakf, Azzam Al Kahtib. The men can be seen complaining that the site is dirty even though he receives 480,000 shekels ($139,000) for garbage removal. The worshipers, who appear to be elders, also say that money comes from many different governments including Saudi Arabia and even Israel but somehow doesn’t trickle down to the basic maintenance needs of the Temple Mount.

They also claimed that none of the Wakf employees “fear God.”

When asked what will happen if the Jews take over the Temple Mount, one man responds “they’ll turn it into heaven.” However he added as a disclaimer that it is haram (blasphemous) for him to call on the Jews to take full control of the Temple Mount.

An apparent Wakf official told the cameraman that Jordan collects a lot of money to allegedly maintain the holy site but that it doesn’t reach the Wakf employees.

Another Muslim in the Mount said that if the Jews wanted to take over the Temple Mount, “they’d do it, end of story.”