Sep 22, 2021

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Those who assumed that the violent riots sweeping across the United States were strictly against racist white cops may be in for a surprise. That’s because a series of antisemitic attacks, disturbingly reminiscent to those we saw at the end of 2019, took place seemingly under the guise of the George Floyd protests.

In L.A, Jewish owned businesses and synagogues have been vandalized:

In the below video, amidst the country-wide riots, a Jewish butcher can be seen fighting for his life after being attacked in Brooklyn, NY.

Also during the riots, a synagogue in Los Angeles was vandalized.

In another indecent in L.A, a rioter tried to rob a Jewish owned business but ended up messing with the wrong Hebrews.

So are there antisemitic forces behind the riots? It has been revealed that many of the riots are led by Black Lives Matter, a Soros backed group. Additionally, Minnesota officials said on Saturday that several outsiders are behind the destruction and rioting in the Twin Cities.

In the footage below, one can see a white man paying African-American protesters to wreak havoc.

BDS champion and Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her daughter Isra Hirsi have been accused of fueling the riots. Additionally, rioters donning ‘Palestinian’ headscarves were seen hurling Molotov cocktails during the unrest.