Dec 01, 2021

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Acknowledging that the coronavirus has brought much darkness into the world, international Torah teacher and messianic expert Rabbi Mendel Kessin gave a Torah class last week that reveals, on a mystical level, how the appearance of the coronavirus is actually accelerating the process of redemption.

In this lecture, Kessin reviewed some very deep ideas in Torah thinking. The central idea is that of the Satan. In Jewish theology, the Satan is an angel who works for God. Since the Satan serves God, God can, at His will, trick the Satan into advancing God’s goals.

According to Torah thought, God has given the Satan three distinct assignments – to tempt the Jews to sin, to serve as the prosecuting angel against the Jews, and to bring death.

The Satan represents strict justice, but there are times when God wants to be merciful and He has to find a way around the Satan’s actions.

Hashem passed before him and proclaimed: “Hashem! Hashem! a Hashem compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in kindness and faithfulness, Exodus 34:6

How does God accomplish this? According to Kessin, “you have to be able to bribe the Satan. God has used this ability to bribe the Satan multiple times throughout history,” as He negotiates with the Satan.

“One of the greatest ways to hide what He’s going to do,” explained Kessin, “is to make the Satan the vehicle to bring the redemption. That just shows you the power of God. God can make the Satan the very vehicle to bring the redemption. In the end, everybody is going to see that, and the one who is going to have a heart attack is the Satan,” he explained.

Kessin reviewed three current events that indicate that the redemption is close at hand, all of which are bad news for the Satan. “There are some things going on now that are unbelievably threatening to the Satan,” he explained.

“The most dangerous thing to Satan is Torah,” Kessin elaborated. More specifically, Jews learning Torah. So the first current event that is threatening the Satan is the incredible growth of Torah study among Jews, as demonstrated by the Siyum haShas. 

The Siyum haShas was a series of international events that celebrated the completion of the study of the entire Talmud by hundreds of thousands of Jews that took place in January of this year, most notably in New York and in Jerusalem.

According to Kessin, the second event that points to redemption is the success President Trump was having battling the liberal and progressive agenda. And the third was the talk of returning Yehuda and Shomron to Jewish dominion through the political process known as annexation.

The last thing the Satan wants to see is redemption, because once the Messiah is revealed, his job is terminated.

The coronavirus successfully stopped each of these events – the growth of Torah study, the ascendancy of President Trump and annexation of Judea and Samaria in their tracks. How so?

When the coronavirus hit, synagogues were shuttered, yeshivot, where Torah is studied full-time, were closed. Not only that, but scores of well-known rabbis, Jewish educators and spiritual leaders died from the virus.

As Kessin explained, after the Siyum haShas events, Satan needed “to stop the growth of spirituality desperately. That’s exactly what the coronavirus has done. It has put a stop to the growth of Torah, [immediately] after one of the greatest celebrations of Torah in the history of Jews.”

Further, there are many people suffering from the economic consequences of the coronavirus. “The Satan is hoping, “If I take away their livelihood, their belief in God will be destroyed,” he explained.

Second, the Satan doesn’t want President Trump to win a second election, because his actions on Israel’s behalf  prior to the coronavirus were, as Kessin phrased it, “indicative of redemption.” With so many Americans struggling to make a living now, the coronavirus has diminished President Trump’s achievements, especially in the economic realm, making a second presidential win less likely than before COVID-19 hit.

In Kessin’s words, “[The coronavirus] destroys all the success of Trump. It destroys every single achievement of Trump. That jeopardizes his ability to become the next president.”

Third, Kessin suggested that the Satan said to God, ‘“I can’t allow the Jews to get their land back. That’s a part of the messianic process, when the Jews will have all their territories back. I cannot allow this!” As Kessin explained, “Israel is too busy fighting the coronavirus that there is no time to focus on annexation of the territories.”

It’s true that the coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the world and weakened the very messianic advancements that threatened the continuity of the Satan.

Ah, but according to Kessin, God always has the Upper Hand.

In his introductory comments, Kessin explained how, in a mystical sense, the increase in darkness that entered the world with the coronavirus actually brings us a giant step closer to the light of redemption.

“The Satan is the agent of the redemption itself, by hastening the darkness. That brings us much closer to the redemption,” he claimed. “The coronavirus is entwined with the messianic process. That is its real nature.”

Paradoxically, the Satan is not aware that’s what he’s doing, because some things are concealed from him.

“Not only is the redemption going to happen,” Kessin assured his listeners, “it’s going to happen much quicker than we could have ever imagined. And who is the responsible agent for this? The Satan himself! What an unbelievable strategy that God is employing!

“We are much closer to the Moshaich than we can possibly imagine. Now we understand why there is so much darkness. It’s not a contradiction at all,” he concluded.