Sep 20, 2021

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Pixar, which is owned by Disney has released its first-ever film with an openly gay main character. The short, entitled “Out”, was introduced through Disney Plus’s SparkShorts series on Friday. The film’s protagonist, Greg, is depicted as a conflicted gay mans who is afraid of coming out of the closet to his parents. But then, two of fairy god-pets descend down to earth from a rainbow and kidnap both Greg and his dog. This gives Greg the ability to eavesdrop on his parents…as a dog.

Watch the trailer below:

Shortly after he swaps his body with that of his dog’s. Greg then scrambles around the house in an attempt to hide any evidence of him being gay. This includes a male model calendar.

Then, the dog — who is actually Greg, sits with his mother in their yard as she unloads about how she hopes that he will someday find someone that will make him happy. This makes Greg realize that his mother actually knew that he is gay all along.

This realization compels Greg to get back into his own body. He then introduces his mother and father to Manuel as the fairy god-pets watch from above before floating back into their rainbow.

Disney seems to be progressing towards making homosexuality mainstream among children. Back in March, Pixar’s Onward was the first feature film to include a gay character playing Lena Waithe’s cyclops cop Officer Spector.

And although this is the first time Disney has made a gay person the main character, it appears as though the iconic production company boasts a history of subtlety introducing gay characters from it’s inception as seen in the video below.