Aug 08, 2022
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Hundreds of Chinese troops entered Indian territory on Saturday reports the Times of India. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers breached India’s border in several locations in the Ladakh region of the northern Himalayas.

“Chinese had managed to come well inside the Indian territory and are also conducting aggressive patrols with motor boats in the Pangong lake,” Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. “The Chinese troops crossed 3 km into what India perceives to be its territory South East of the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh,” according to Indian news website The Print.

The report adds that the Chinese forces detained several Indian troops during the incursion. “An Indian patrol party was detained and later released by Chinese forces,” NDTV reports. The Indian army has refused to comment on the confrontation.

NDTV also reported that the Indian troops that were detained were a patrol squadron. They were later released by Chinese troops following a skirmish between the two sides. And although tensions rose, the situation was reportedly calmed after commanders representing both sides met at the border.

The Times of India reports that both sides have ‘dug in’ and India is showing no signs of ceasing their border activities. The report added that India is preparing for a long stand-off.