Aug 05, 2021

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The Defense Ministry, Finance, Social Equality, and the Prime Minister’s Office, agreed to deliver an aid package for ‘lone’ soldiers released from serving in the IDF reports INN.

A lone IDF soldier is one who serves in the Israeli army while their parents are abroad in the diaspora.

Newly released, lone soldiers are now going to receive special assistance due to the Corona crisis. Among them – a housing grant amounting to NIS 4,000.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, recently discharged lone soldiers are facing unique challenges, as they now have to start new lives as civilians without the support and presence of their families. And with 25% unemployment, these veterans are also unable to enjoy unemployment benefits. The aforementioned government ministries have collaborated to address the issue.

A former lone soldier in their first year of discharge from military service, that is registered by, and getting a housing grant from the Foundation and Unit for Discharged Soldiers in the Defense Ministry, is eligible for a special housing grant of NIS 4000. The grant is to be provided to a soldier who holds a housing lease in effect during the crisis period.

And as this is a welcome development, it’s also important to note that IDF soldiers who have not yet been discharged are also in need of support. And there is one organization that is doing just that – Yahad. 

Yahad strengthens and cares for Israel’s soldiers through various programs including college, social welfare, education, Jewish education and holiday celebrations, bereaved families counseling and retreats, and more.

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One of Yahad’s more interesting projects is providing upscale apartments for Israeli soldiers while on leave. Their incredible efforts have enabled Israel’s heroes to enjoy their time off to the fullest extent possible. They do this by renting out beautiful apartments for them that are centrally located in Jerusalem with a fully stocked fridge. Aside from the added comfort level that they enjoy, donating to organizations like Yahad allows these Jewish heroes to rest assured knowing that those who stand with Israel throughout the world have their back.

Let this be your opportunity to show Israel’s soldiers that you want to help them in the battle to liberate the land of Israel. Show a modern day Maccabee that you care. Donate to Yahad today.

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