Mar 03, 2021

In a press briefing on Monday, President Trump said that he takes the controversial hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin as a prophylactic against the novel coronavirus. The treatment, whose success was tried and heavily promoted by orthodox Jewish doctor Vladimir Zelenko, has been at the center of controversy after another study that reviewed veterans’ medical charts showed that more covid-19 patients who took the drug died than those who didn’t.

The research for that study was funded by the University of Virginia and the NIH which Fauci heads.

The only problem with the NIH study according to Dr Zelenko (and now Trump) is that the treatment was implemented incorrectly. That’s because the medication is intended to be prescribed at an early stage of Covid-19. But that’s not what happened in the NIH study.  “If you look very carefully at these studies, They’re all done on very sick patients in the hospital on ventilators” Dr Zelenko said. “And those patients have a 50% or more chance of dying. So you better believe these drugs don’t work then.”

Additionally, the NIH study did not undergo peer review.

President Trump echoed Dr. Zelenko’s assertion calling the study “phony” saying: “If you look at that phony report, that report on the hydroxy was given to people that were in extraordinarily bad condition, extraordinarily bad – people that were dying – no.”

But it’s not just Trump and Dr. Zelenko. An international poll of over 6,000 doctors revealed that hydroxychloroquine was the most highly rated treatment for Covid-19.