Jun 26, 2022
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Iran was behind a widespread cyberattack on Israel’s water and sewage facilities in April, Fox News revealed. The Iranians used American servers to carry out the hack according to the report.
Fox News correspondent Trey Yingst tweeted that, “A senior official at the US Department of Energy declined to comment on any specifics related to an ‘ongoing investigation.’

The official told Fox that the Department of Energy (DOE) routinely collects and shares information with private sector partners to safeguard the US and it’s allies from cyber-attacks.”
The attack targeted several Water Authority facilities. However it was thwarted by the authority’s cyber division.

Israel’s security cabinet commenced a top secret meeting to discuss the cyberattack Channel 13 reports.

Officials told Ynet that the attack didn’t cause any significant damage aside from a several glitches in water installations by a few local councils.

However, the government sees the attack as a major escalation by Tehran and the breach of a ‘red line’ since it targeted civilian facilities, which contravenes all ethics and code – even in times of war.