May 17, 2022

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set off quite a storm on Monday night following a press conference when he updated the nation regarding the latest loosening measures of the Health Ministry’s regulations.

That’s because during his speech, he alluded to the idea of installing distance sensors onto children that like a car, beep when they get to close to people.

Regarding an anticipated second wave of the coronavirus, Netanyahu recommended “new technologies that haven’t yet been activated. Technologies that are within the confines of the law that we will activate. This means perhaps, new methods that we’re discussing.”
“I’ve spoken to the heads of our technology department to search for all sorts of tools that Israel truly specializes in” Netanyahu continued. “For example – sensors. There would be a sensor that warns children, all people, but starting with children, like a vehicle whereby if you get to close to it, it makes noise. A buzzer if you will. I don’t know if it’s possible but they’re looking into it. They’re trying it.”

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak (courtesy: screenshot)

Popular Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, who has thousands of followers in Israel said that he would like to reveal what’s behind Netanyahu’s statement. He accused the Prime Minister of playing dumb regarding an already planned second wave saying: “Bibi, you pretend like you don’t know that it’s all planned – a second wave (of coronavirus) to force the vaccine.”
Rabbi Yitzchak also notes that Netanyahu’s speech proves that the technology the Prime Minister spoke about already exists and that the Israeli government intends on using it. The rabbi also surmises that Netanyahu’s statement will translate into “microchips and sensors, to control the population and enslave them.”
Rabbi Yitzchak concludes that the plan is to force everyone to vaccinate and if they refuse, they will become criminals. The goal is to prepare the future generations for Bill Gate’s project.”
“Why is that when the flu, who killed a lot more people, did you never ensure that people didn’t prevent it from spreading?” the Rabbi said noting that Netanyahu is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

Rabbi Daniel Asor (courtesy: screenshot)

 Another rabbi,  Rabbi Daniel Asor of Jerusalem’s Yanar Institute also delivered a harsh response to the statement saying: “Netanyahu has crossed a red line. He will install a sensor into every person in Israel and will start with children in schools and kindergartens.”
Referring to the Biblical story of Esau selling his first born rights to Jacob, Rabbi Asor added: “Basically, Netanyahu sold the nation of Israel to the Shadow government for lentil soup”.
Yaakov then gave Esau bread and lentil stew; he ate and drank, and he rose and went away. Thus did Esau spurn the birthright. (Genesis 25:34)