Oct 27, 2021

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Iran has set up a military apparatus in Syria. And lately, Israel has been hitting them hard. On Tuesday alone, Israel killed at least 14 Iranian fighters in Syria while also decimating Iranian arms depots and chemical weapons factories.

According to Israeli Defense officials, Iran’s forces are pulling out of Syria and shutting down military installations there. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Times of Israel that Israel’s strikes appear to be making progress since Iran’s forces have begun withdrawing from Syria, evacuating a small amount of military installations they once controlled in that country.

“There’s no good reason for Iran to be in Syria and we will not stop until they leave” said Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. “We are more determined than Iran” he added.

When asked if he saw Russia’s alliance with Iran as a potential problem for Israel’s alliance with Moscow Bennett implied that Russia no longer protects Iranian interests in the Middle East saying that “Iran went from being an asset to a liability and ruins everything they touch. I don’t see anyone rushing to protect Iran.”

Below, Middle East expert and Breaking Israel News contributor Seth Frantzman created an interactive map marking all of the targets Israel hit over the past couple of weeks.

Earlier in April, nine Iranian fighters, including six Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists were killed in an Israeli bombardment near Palmyra according to SOAR.