05 Dec, 2020

For the first time since Israel liberated Jerusalem in the Six-day War, foreign security forces were seen inside the Jerusalem municipality asserting their authority by executing armed patrols and checkpoints in the streets.

Aqab village, which is occupied by an Arab population but lies within the official borders of Jerusalem was subject to a new authority – the PA according to Army Radio reporter Yuval Segev. Under the guise of helping to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in the area, the Muslim occupied village, which has been accused of being abandoned by the Israeli police, woke up to armed Palestinian Authority troops who entered and took control enforcing street patrols and checkpoints.

Jerusalem city council member and right-wing activist Aryeh King places the blame solely on Prime Minister Netanyahu telling Breaking Israel News that “this has been his foreign policy since 1996. He has been dividing Jerusalem ever since then.”

Below are some images from his Facebook post on the matter.