Sep 21, 2021

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Coronavirus patient Clay Bentley, who is now being treated at a Georgia hospital, shared how God and prayers, especially from Vice President Mike Pence, helped him recover from nearly dying from coronavirus. “Vice President Pence told me that he was praying for me” Bentley told CNN.

“I came to the hospital very sick- flu like symptoms and tested me negative for the flu. So they sent me home that night.” Bently continued adding “but then it got real bad”. At that point he went back to the hospital several days later where he was tested positive for coronavirus.

At this point, Bentley felt fluid filling up his lungs to the point where he couldn’t breathe. But then wha doctors can only describe as a ‘miracle’ happened. Bentley suddenly recovered.

Describing his miraculous recovery Bentley credits God saying “But I will say that I heard the voice of God inside of me. He tells me ‘no, you’re getting better’. If you listen to those fear stories they cause pandemonium but if you hear in those voices and hear the right voices, God began to tell me I’m getting better and look at me – I’m getting better.”

“We just continue to follow love if we continue to follow God” he concluded.