Apr 11, 2021


Gen. Hossain Assadollahi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has died of coronavirus reports Debka. Acording to the report, Assadollahi was in charge supplying missiles to Hezbollah in Syria. He was also in charge of upgrading their arsenal to high precision.

As of Sunday, Iran announced 129 new deaths caused by coronavirus, bringing their official death toll to 1,685. This makes them among of the worst-hit countries along with Italy and China. However, many speculate that the actual number of deaths from coronavirus is much higher.

“There were 1,028 new confirmed infected cases in the past 24 hours … and 7,913 people have recovered,” said health ministry spokesperson Kianush Jahanpur.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei prefers sacrificing his people rather than help them after he refused humanitarian aid from Washington. Khamenei rejected the American offer claiming that U.S. leaders are “charlatans and liars.” He also implied that the United States was responsible for “creating this virus.”