May 15, 2021


The leading physician in Kiryas Yoel, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, released a video testifying that he is experiencing “tremendous positive results” in treating coronavirus patients with the malaria drug that President Trump approved last week.

Kiryas Joel is among the most concentrated Jewish communities in America and is currently experiencing a massive coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Zelenko estimates that over 20,000 people out of the 35,000 Hasidic Jews who populate the Orange County community have been infected with coronavirus. In th evideo, Dr. Zelenko boasts about his success implementing “HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN” in the pre-hospital setting.

Despite skepticism from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Trump pushed the government agency to expedite the anti-malaria drug’s approval last week.

The medical professional currently uses the medication to treat COVID-19 victims hailing its success. Dr. Zelenko says he is seeing “tremendous positive results” adding that he “has not sent anyone to the hospital yet even though I’ve treated hundreds already with the infection.”

The doctor goes on to bless Trump saying “My heartfelt blessing to  you. I personally love you. And I hope that God protects you and your family and blesses everything that you do which is saving this nation from a disaster.”