Jun 29, 2022
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For the first time in 2,000 years, the state of Israel will be completely shut down for Shabat (Sabbath). That’s because for the first time in modern Israel’s 72 year history, the coronavirus crisis has ensured that there will be no flights, no theater, no sporting events, no concerts, no clubs and bars or restaurants open. In fact, there will be no social gatherings of any kind whatsoever (assuming that everyone in the Jewish State abides by the Health Ministries new directives).

If all of these things happen, Jews inside Israel who otherwise have no interest in observing the Shabat as a day of rest, will likely do so inadvertently.

And although some consider being on the phone to be a violation of the Sabbath (The jury is still out on whether or not electricity in general is a violation of Shabat), Israel’s chief Rabbi has just ruled that Jews in Israel are allowed to leave their phones on during Shabat in an unprecedented move. The allowance was made so that observant Jews won’t miss out on any important updates regarding the coronavirus thay may be broadcast to the public.

In other words, observing the Shabat (or at least not violating it) on Friday night and Saturday will be a cinch, even for Jews who have no interest in the commandment. Many will end up passively observing it inadvertently.

That’s why a massive campaign has just been launched to encourage all Jews to observe the Sabbath starting in the evening of March 20.

Furthermore, according to the Talmud, if all of Israel keeps just one Shabat, the Moshiach (Messiah) will come as it says:

“Though I have set a limit to ‘the end,’ that it will happen in its time regardless of whether they will repent or not… the scion of David (Mashiach) will come if they keep just one Shabbat, because the Shabbat is equivalent to all the mitzvot.”

That’s also why a Whatsapp message is circulating among Jewish communities worldwide encouraging everyone to observe the upcoming Sabbath saying:

“This Shabbos, it looks like every Jew worldwide will be in their home…

This is an INCREDIBLE chance!

It is written:
“If Israel (the Jews) will keep just one Shabbat properly, Moshiach (the Messiah) will come immediately.”*


Cook all food before Shabbat starts. Leave your lights as you want them for the whole of Shabbat or set a timer. Close your phone and all devices for the ultimate 25 hour detox!
Light candles 18 minutes before sunset on Friday.
Pray. Eat. Enjoy this most beautiful gift that Hashem gave us. The holy Shabbos. Stay home and enjoy time with your loved ones. If you’re alone, speak to your friends or family before Shabbat and relax with some good Jewish books.
No traveling – this week, God arranged it all!
If you can, say Havdala, The blessings which conclude Shabbat, after nightfall on Saturday.

This CAN happen!

This can be that Shabbos that can bring Moshiach!

The message is followed by links and information regarding candle lighting times to try to ensure that those who receive this message don’t miss out.