Oct 02, 2022
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One of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s top advisors implied that Ankara is ready to go to war with Russia after clashes in Syria’s Idlib province escalated on Friday reports RT.

Mesut Hakki Casin, a prominent member of Turkey’s Security and Foreign Policy Board, who advises Erdogan, said: “We have fought Russia 16 times in the past, and we will fight it again.

Casin made his statements following the death of 33 Turkish soldiers who were killed in an airstrike by Russian-backed Syrian forces in Idlib.

The official hinted that they will use Muslims inside Russia to assist them with their efforts saying that Moscow will be “will be shattered from inside” should a war break out between the two countries.

Following a request from Ankara, NATO convened an urgent meeting to review the situation in Idlib on Friday. Turkish officials vowed to retaliate against Syria following the attack on their troops.