Jan 17, 2021

A special prayer service took place at King David’s tomb in Jerusalem asking God to rid the world of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Shofars were sounded during the service.

A similar prayer service was also held at Rachel’s tomb as well.

During the service at King David’s tomb, Rabbi Yoel Shwartz relayed a message regarding the importance that gentiles around the world to keep the seven Noahide Commandments saying: “We pray for the whole world to be safe from this epidemic.” The rabbi went on to add that he prays for the “really life” explaining that the ‘really life’ is to “worship God” and to observe the seven Noahide laws. “This is a point in which everybody must save and to worship God” he added.

The rabbi was referring to the seven laws of Noah whereby Jews believe that it is incumbent upon all gentiles to follow them. A violation of one of the laws, specifically the prohibition of eating the limbs of live animals, has been blamed by many rabbis for the cause of the coronavirus in the first place. That’s because this is a common practice in China, specifically, the Wuhan province.

You must not, however, eat flesh with its life-blood in it. (Genesis 9:4)