Aug 11, 2022
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Prime Miniser Benjamin Netanyahu joined Israeli television personalities Yinon Magal, Eral Segal and Shimon Riklin in an impromptu jam session. Together, they sang Psalm 147:12-13 in its original Hebrew.

Netanyahu knew the Psalm by heart and didn’t skip a beat.

Yerushalayim, glorify Hashem; praise your God, O Tzion!  For He made the bars of your gates strong, and blessed your children within you. (Psalm 147:12-13)

After the video went viral, one of the guitarists, Eral Segal, was fired from his position as a television presenter from the ‘Kann’ Public broadcasting Authority Channel. In a protest of solidarity, his colleague, Kalman Libskind, has refused to work as a presenter for Kann until Segal is reinstated.