Aug 14, 2022
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After the United Nations published a database of more than one hundred companies they claim are doing business in Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, Judean settlers shot back with a ‘black list’ of their own.

Efrat resident and English spokesman for Otzma Yehudit David Sidman (courtesy: David Sidman)

The list includes nearly 15,000 companies that conduct business with the UN.

And although the UN’s original blacklist took three years to compile, the ‘settler’s list’ took less than a week to complete says David Sidman, English spokesman for Otzmah Yehudit (Jewish Power) party. Sidman, a resident of the Judean town of Efrat, spearheaded the initiative.

Heze Zeke Armon, a Jerusalem realtor and internet entrepreneur who was responsible for researching and compiling the document that comprises of 132 times more companies than the UN’s original black-list does, says that although the list is complete, adaptations are still in the pipeline. “We are currently analyzing the list to boil it down to major and relevant companies for Israel and Israel supporters around the world to boycott” Armon said. The list, in its entirety, can be seen by clicking here.

Sidman believes that a move like this can let the UN know that “two can play this game.”

“The goal is to let the United Nations know that the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria won’t take their boycott efforts rolling over” Sidman explained. He also added that private companies are far more sensitive to boycotts than are government entities like the EU. “If we can cause a few of them to think twice before doing business with the UN – mission accomplished” he added.