May 29, 2022

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went for a stop in the northern Israeli town of Carmiel while on the campaign trail. During his visit, he was interviewed by 0404 new site founder Boaz Golan who fielded questions from his viewers.

One woman asked where he gets his “tireless strength and energy from to carry on from.”

At that point, Netanyahu listed the various sources of his strength including the memory of his brother who was killed in the iconic raid on Entebbe and his service in fighting and defending the land of Israel.

But Netanyahu also mentioned that he derives strength from his reading the Torah (Bible) every Shabbat (Sabbath). The premier disclosed that he reads the weekly Torah portion (Parshat Hashavua) as well as the scriptures with his son, a Bible contest champion.

“This is not a show, this is in my heart” Netanyahu added.”I am here thanks to the nation of Israel. That is not a given.”

Netanyahu then pointed to the hills of Israel calling it “wondrous”. Israel’s longest serving prime minister concluded the interview saying “we will succeed for Israel’s victory.”

The interview (in Hebrew) can be seen below: