Jun 13, 2021


An Arab terrorist was killed while throwing a molotov cocktail at an IDF soldier in Hebron on Wednesday. The terrorist, Mohammad Al Haddad, who was only 17-years old, was shot in the chest and later succumbed to his wounds.

Below is a picture that was taken of Al Haddad:

Following his death, Al Haddad was carried off into an awaiting vehicle as seen below:

IDF soldiers in Hebron have seen their fair share of molotov cocktail attacks this week with one border policeman briefly set on fire by one on Monday:

And a miraculous incedent where another border policeman saw an IED explode between his legs yet emerged from the attack completely unscathed on Saturday:

Breaking Israel News also reported on another soldier who was set on fire by a molotov cocktail in Hebron on Saturday and also emerged unhurt.