Jun 13, 2021


The weather has been particularly stormy this winter in Israel. Rain and thunderstorms have flooded the center of the country. The flooding, tragically, even led to the drowning of a couple in Tel Aviv, among other tragedies.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that although Israel is a desert, it can still get cold and stormy. Additionally, most Israeli homes, especially the older ones, aren’t properly insulated from the treacherous weather experienced in the Holy Land this winter.

This is bad news for Israel’s poverty-stricken population. That’s because they not only suffer from lack of food, they also can suffer from hypothermia as well.

But thank God, one organization is doing what it can to make sure that neither of those nightmarish scenarios ever happens.

That organization is called Colel Chabad. What’s important to understand is that aside from providing these people with hot meals, Colel Chabad also provides them indoor heaters.

That’s because these people need heaters and they need them now.

And, if you’d like to help provide them with the warmth they so desperately need, for just $54 you can buy something as vital as warm clothing, a quilt, and one high-quality heater for a freezing cold bedroom of a newborn Israeli baby. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can contribute $1,800, you can buy ten high-quality space heaters and pay for two months of electricity for young widows and their children. Or you can select one of the many options in between.

In fact, Colel Chabad offers donation options for all types of budgets of every shape and size. That’s because they realize that just like the heating needs of each of  Israel’s less fortunate is different, everyone’s budget is different too.

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Some just need a warm coat while others need kerosene for their heating lamps. Either way, no child should go to sleep cold at night in the Holy Land.

This means that now can be your chance to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Many of these kids are praying for an angel to come along and provide them with the warmth they desire. This can be your chance to step up and be that person. But don’t let them wait in the cold..

Donate whatever you can to Colel Chabad today.

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