Nov 29, 2021

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While researchers are trying to pinpoint the source of the deadly Corona Virus, the consensus seems to be around the consumption of exotic animals in the Wuhan Province, where the worldwide pandemic originated from. But as some hypothesize that the culprit is the consumption of bats, others are now also saying that it comes from snakes.

To date, close to 3,000 victims have been infected with the pandemic and has claimed 80 lives, mainly in China.

It should be noted that in southwestern China, where the corona virus originated, snakes were worshiped as deities. The serpents would often be seen on bronze cultural relics used for worshiping and praying for good harvest. That idol worship appears to have evolved into ‘Snake Shows’ that are now known to take place throughout the same region that the pandemic originated from. Now, footage has emerged of a ‘Snake Show’ in the Hubei Province, whose capital is Wuhan. In the video, people can be seen gathering around a man who consumes snakes for ‘entertainment’ (Disclaimer: It’s kinda gross)

In the following video, the “entertainer” tries to fit the snake into various orifices besides just his mouth:

Snake creatures, such as Nuwa are considered to be gods in Chinese mythology. Nuwa, is often times referred to as the “Snake Goddess” because in an Eastern Han Dynasty mural, she was portrayed as having snake-like tails interlocked.

Another diety in Chinese folklore is the god “Gonggong”. Gonggong is a “water god” that is portrayed in Chinese mythology as having the body of a serpent.

Chinese Buddhists, have been known to show “compassion” to snakes and other animals with their ‘fangsheng’ mercy release ceremonies. This involves releasing various animals, sometimes deadly, back into the wild, oftentimes with devastating affects.