27 Oct, 2020
The Minister of Defense has placed members of the Anarchist Group – Anarchists Against the Fence, on an administrative prohibition from entering Judea-Samaria reports Rotter.
Members of this radical group, have vandalized the security fence, enabling Arabs and potential Arab terrorists to enter Jewish population areas, and they have also participated in violent demonstrations, along with Arabs, in which IDF soldiers were injured, and in one case, killed.

The Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, which runs a project aimed at filming and exposing far-left activists who film and harass IDF soldiers, welcomed the decision.

“Radical left-wing activists from Israel and abroad film and harass IDF soldiers on a daily basis in order to create a campaign of delegitimization against the IDF and Israel. Im Tirtzu will continue to stand up for IDF soldiers and combat the pernicious activities of all those who seek to harm them.”