27 Oct, 2020

Police forces raided the Samarian hilltop of Kumi Uri (arise to the light) and destroyed the homes of Neria and Miriam Zarog. They also destroyed the homes of Aharon and Tamar Gozlan early on Wednesday.

The demolition was carried out by the border police and the Civil Administration (COGAT) following the Supreme Court’s refusal to deny the standing demolition orders. The army claims that the house stood in a closed military zone however chairman of Otzma Yehudit party, Tzvi Sukkot says that there was no lawful justification for the demolition but rather pure “ugly revenge” calling the destruction “evil”.

Below is footage from the raid posted by Kann News:

Below is an image of Miriam Zarog getting evicted from her home with nothing but her baby and the clothes on her back.