Sep 27, 2022
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While Iran was firing missiles at U.S. troops in Iraq, a failed academic and the self-proclaimed “dead-center of Catholic tradition” continued his tradition of Jew-hatred by claiming the true enemy of the U.S. was Israel.

E. Michael Jones, the founder of Culture Wars Magazine, appeared on PressTV, a 24-hour English- and French-language news network affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and headquartered in Tehran. Media-watchdog Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) reported on the broadcast, writing the Jones blamed “three rich Jews” for Trump’s decision to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Jones claimed the Jews wanted to sabotage the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal.

“[The JCPOA] got rejected because of the money that came from three rich Jews,” said Jones. “Three rich American Jews, Sheldon Adelson,  Paul Singer, Bernard Marcus, the three main contributors to the Republican party.

“Israel is going to hold America’s coat while America goes and beats up on Iran,” Jones said. “This is not what should happen, OK? That’s what the media wants to happen.”

“There are people, the Israel lobby, the rich Jews I mentioned, they want America to get into a war with Iran for Israel. Israel is the cause of the mess that we are in right now,” Jones said. “Israel is the cause of this mess. Israel should be held responsible for what happens.”

“The Jews want Iran to attack America,” Jones said. “I don’t know how many times I have to say this. That’s the main thing I would say to the American people.”

Jones explained that Christians and Catholics have a religious bond with Iran.

“My German ancestors were chasing pigs through the forests of Germany when the Iranians were visiting Jesus ,” he said. “We celebrated that today, the Feast of the Epiphany. Three Iranians, three Persians, showed up. The first three human beings who were not Hebrew to worship Jesus showed up there. We’re talking about a civilization that is ancient, one of the most ancient in the world.”

Jones failed to mention that the Persians were lavishing their attention on baby Jesus, a Jew, in the Judean city of Bethlehem, while his Jewish parents looked on.

Jones appeared again on PressTV two days later, after an Iranian missile strike targeted U.S. sites in Iraq. Jones identified the true enemy of the U.S. as being Israel.

“You don’t want to pay into the hands of your enemies,” he said. “And I’m talking about the Israelis. I mean the whole point of this is to get America to fight Israel’s wars. That’s what’s been going on for 20 years now. That was the whole point of the neoconservative takeover. Do you want to do that? . . . I’m talking about you, the Revolutionary Guard now. Do you want to propel America into another war in the favor of Israel?”

Jones, a former academic who was fired from his position at Temple University, a Catholic college in South Bend, Indiana, claims to be at the “absolute dead center of Catholic tradition.”  In an interview with   Catholics Against Militarism in July, Jones stated that the IDF’s reaction to Hamas-led riots that challenged Israel’s southern border justified the recent shootings in synagogues. In the interview, Jones also blamed American Jews for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and blamed Israel for the war with Iraq. In his book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Jones blamed the Jew for all of the modern ills that plague America including gay rights, abortion, rock and roll, and even the success of the civil rights movement in the American South. He has also claimed Israel shared responsibility for the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy with the CIA and Lyndon Johnson.

Speaking at a conference in Tehran in February 2013, Jones referred to Iran as the “leader of the free world” because unlike the U.S., it has been able to reject Jewish efforts to undermine the moral order of its society.

Jones even blamed the Jews for scandals based on Catholic priests molesting children.  In 2010, Jones told a group of Catholics in Ireland that, “the current scandals are being orchestrated by the church’s traditional enemies – Protestants and Jews – in order to destroy traditional cultures and make the world safe for capitalism and the universal rule of mammon.”