Oct 18, 2021

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An earthquake struck Iran near the Islamic Regime’s Bushehr nuclear plant on Wednesday according to reports. The event happened as missiles were launched at Iraqi bases housing US troops.

courtesy: USGS

A USGS quake map published two separate graphs southest of Borzajan — one at 7.50 am IST (10 km SE, magnitude 4.9) and another at 8:49 am IST (17 km SE, magnitude 4.5).

The chart reveals the respective locations of the earthquake’s epicentre and the town of Bushehr, which is close to the site of Tehran;s nuclear power plant

Borazjan is a a roughly a 40 mile distance from Bushehr.

This is the second magnitude 5 earthquake to hit the area of Iran’s Busheir Nuclear Facility in less than two weeks.