Dec 01, 2021

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Head of the IDF, Aviv Kochavi leveled with the Israeli people on Wednesday explaining that Israel will be fighting against Iran implying his disappointment with both the US and Sunni Gulf states who are also at odd with Tehran saying: “It would be better if we weren’t the only ones responding to them [militarily]” reports TOI.

The statements were made at a conference at the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya.  top General also admitted that the IDF was operating openly, covertly and clandestinely — in an effort to thwart Iran and its proxies from attacking Israel “even at the risk of war.”

Kochavi also warned Israeli civilians to “mentally prepare” for heavy fire will be directed against our home front” saying “I’m looking people in the eye, and saying, there will be heavy fire. We have to recognize this and we have to prepare for this… We have to prepare for this militarily; the civil hierarchies have to prepare for this; and we have to prepare for this mentally.”

Kochavi seemed to have drawn his conclusions from the attack on Saudi oil fields from Iranian proxies in Yemen saying that following such attacks: “there’s no response, there’s no retaliation, there are no reprisals.”

Hinting at a massive all-out-war with Iran, Kochavi concluded: “War is always the last choice, but in cases where all other paths have been exhausted, war is a solution, a military operation is a solution,” he said.