Oct 06, 2022
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A new poll taken by Politico/Morning Consult shows that 43% of Evangelical Christian voters would approve of President Trump being removed from office if the Senate made that decision reports the Daily Caller.

The poll asked voters if they would would “approve or disapprove of the Senate removing President Trump from office?”

Among registered voters as a whole, 42% strongly approve of Trump’s removal, 9% of voters somewhat approve, 4% somewhat disapprove, while 38% strongly disapprove.

Regarding evangelical voters, 34% said they’d strongly approve of the president’s removal, while 9% only somewhat approve. 4% said they’d somewhat disapprove, while 49% said that they would strongly disapprove.

Non-Christian voters as a whole would approve of  Trump’s removal with 72% approving, and 26% disapproving.

The poll, which sampled “1,387 likely voters” with a 3 point margin of error, The poll comes on the heels of a controversy among evangelicals regarding Trump’s impeachment.

After House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump, evangelical magazine Christianity Today published an op-ed taking the position that Trump should be removed from office.

The magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli wrote that Trump’s conduct vis-a-vis Ukraine was “profoundly immoral.” He also added that Trump is marred with a “blackened moral record.”

Many conservative evangelicals blasted the news outlet over the op-ed. Franklin Graham–son of the late Billy Graham who established the magazine also disagreed with the piece and stated that his father voted for Trump and “believed” in him.