Sep 22, 2021

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England’s newly elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wished his Jewish countrymen a ‘Happy Hanukkah’. During his address, Johnson noted that Hanukkah is a holiday celebrating Jewish identity saying:

It’s time to celebrate not just the miracle of the oil but also your unique identity to pop the Chanukah menorah in the window and say to the world just as Judah and his small band of poorly equipped Maccabees said to Antiochus the third and his mighty Greek army all those years ago I am Jewish and I’m proud of it that’s really important right now because I know that recent years have not been easy ones for British Jews in the media on the streets and particularly online anti-semites have in alarming numbers been emboldened to crawl out from under their rocks and begin once again to spread their brand obnoxious hatred far and wide
Johnson also added that although the Maccabees had to fight Antiochus alone, British Jews had “every decent person” in the UK behind them.
Earlier this year, Breaking Israel News reported that Johnson indeed had Jewish ancestry and that regarding Hamas attacks on southern Israel, he “feels Jewish“. He has also enacted anti-BDS legislation and has called for an investigation into George Soros for election meddling during the 2016 Brexit referendum.