Jan 20, 2021

Yesterday, the Temple Institute took to Facebook to celebrate a historic first: Jewish prayer ceremony on Temple Mount without police interference:

More than 50 years of patience and persistence have, at last, paid off!

This short video is the latest testimony to the new status on the Temple Mount, in which Jewish prayer (with limitations) is tolerated by the Israel police. For decades the governments of Israel have been accomplices to the nefarious ban of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. Complying with Muslim claims of exclusivity on the Temple Mount, the Israel police, for years have been compelled by government policy to show zero tolerance to Jewish prayer, removing, detaining, arresting and banning from the Temple Mount any Jew daring to even appear that he or she is praying. Quietly, over the past year, this ban has slowly been lifting, and police have been allowing greater freedom of worship form Jews on the Temple Mount. The new policy has not been officially declared, but meanwhile, Jews on the Mount are daily enjoying their restored right to behave and worship as Jews in the place of the Holy Temple.