Jan 20, 2021

A meeting with officials from the US State Department was held at Jerusalem mayor Moshe Leon’s office. There, it was agreed to begin the planning process of the American embassy in its designated area reports Ynet.

The Jerusalem Mayor gave his full backing while approving an “urban” green track for planning and licensing the embassy compound. The structure will be built in the Talpiot neighborhood of southern Jerusalem in a space called the Allenby complex. The complex is situated on Derech Hevron (Hebron Road) as it was the road traveled from Jerusalem to Hebron and vice versa.

The embassy’s new location will be far more accessible to visitors. That’s because it will be on a central Light Rail line (the Blue Line), as well as the major North/South bus routes. The location is also accessible to Arab bus routes between Bethlehem and the Old City.

Allenby Complex, where the US Embassy is to be built

The embassy’s current location in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona is more complicated to reach. The neighborhood’s residents are also fighting many aspects of the embassy construction such as walls, its height, and the potential traffic it may cause.
The Allenby complex was named after the iconic British general Edmund Allenby who was instrumental in defeating the Ottoman Empire in World War 1 and was applauded by Jewish residents of Palestine for humbly entering Jerusalem on foot and blessing its inhabitants.  In 1988, towards the end of President Reagan’s term, the U.S leased the space from the Israeli government for a period of 99 years. Their goal was to eventually build the embassy there.
On a related note, Guatemalan president Alejandro Eduardo Giammatte announced at the IAF summit that he intends to move his country’s embassy to Jerusalem reports Channel 20.
Guatemala was one of the 70 nations represented at an a July conference hosted by the Sanhedrin.