Jan 24, 2021

The late Chabad Rabbi explains the Biblical significance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson z”l said in the video (in Yiddish):

“The very foundation of this country, was laid down by the original settlers and later by the founding fathers. Immediately after arriving in this country, they proclaimed a holiday of thanksgiving to God. The creator and director of the world for saving them and bringing them to a secured land where they could live free of servitude and oppression without decrees. To live as they saw fit and most importantly, to express their faith in God as the creator and director of every detail of this world. Who orchestrated every detail of their personal lives and their escape from oppression. And ultimately this was set as a law at this time every year, we must once again be reminded, to thank God from the depths of our hearts, for having manifested his kindness openly.”