Jul 30, 2021

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Ilhan Omar was recruited by and received funding from Qatar a Florida court was told. She also passed sensitive information via intermediates to Iran reports Al-Arabiya.
The allegations arose during the testimony of Kuwati-Canadian businessman Alan Bender. Bender was at the time, providing evidence in the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani. Al-Thani is the brother of a Qatari emir who is facing charges of ordering his American bodyguard to kill two people. He is also being charged with holding a U.S citizen hostage.

Conservative Muslim Mohamad Tawhidi, who played a key role in exposing Omar’s link to Qatar, blasted mainstream media claiming that they have been accepting payment from Qatar to discredit the story.

Tawhidi also posted a notice from the law firm Pillsbury Winthrop & Shaw, that was sent by the Qatari government urging Twitter to ban his account. Tawhidi has almost 600,000 followers.

Bender told the Florida  Court that he met with the Qatari emir’s Secretary of Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad as well as two other top Qatari officials.
In his sworn deposition he states that the three officials told him that: “If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends.”

Bender also added that the officials requested that he recruit U.S politicians as well as journalists as Qatari assets. Bender said that when he refused, the officials told him that several important people were already on the payroll. According to his testimony, US Congresswoman Omar was called the “jewel in the crown.”

Qatar “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official. […] They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest. They convinced her,” he added.
The deposition also reveals that Omar swore allegiance to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan back in 2017 when she was a junior state representative in Minnesota.

Omar is also accused of passing information to Qatar. This information was then passed along to Iran.

Bender added that Omar was also involved in recruiting other American politicians to work for Qatar, Bender testified.
“The best thing money can buy are American officials because they are the cheapest of the cheapest costing officials in the world,” the Qatari officials allegedly told him.