Jan 15, 2021

Last week, a former Moscow-based consultant exposed a code with the message ‘Kill Jews’ in its text reports Jewish.ru.

Artem Chapaev, who used to work as a creative consultant for Amnesty International in Moscow, tweeted a screenshot of the password that he received as a text message to his phone from Sberbank. PJSC Sberbank is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company with headquarters in Moscow.

The code was in the Russian language but the English alphabet letters that the code was comprised of were: “CRYVKILLJEWS.”

As his tweet made the rounds on social media, Sberbank, that’s 51 percent owned by Russia’s Central Bank, claimed that the image was doctored. They also said that it was not authentic.

“The screenshot clearly shows that the password has been edited. So someone obviously wants to set us up,”  the bank’s tweeted.

But according to Jewish.ru, Sberbank quickly backtracked admitting that the image in the tweet was indeed authentic.

The press service of Sberbank then claimed that the code sent to the customer via SMS is a generated set of random characters. “The mechanism for generating such a large number of unique combinations of characters is carried out automatically by the system and does not involve employee participation. We apologize and will soon revise the process of generating a participant code, ”RBC quotes a statement from a credit institution.