Oct 24, 2021

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A massive barrage of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel on Tuesday following Israel’s overnight assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Abu Al-Ata.

A rocket lands in Hadera, Israel this morning (courtesy: Facebook)

Now, in a recent announcement, the Islamic Jihad, who has been firing non-stop rockets onto Israel’s southern and central region, has said that they are now focusing their sights on Jerusalem reports Kol Hair. The capital’s Mayor, Moshe Leon, has convened an emergency meeting with municipal security agencies.

Additionally, the IDF’s home front command has ordered schools to close in both southern and central Israel. They also ordered that all non-necessary places of work close down as well in those regions. Furthermore, the recommendation states that no more than 100 people shall enter an enclosed structure.

Public bomb shelters have been opened in as far east as Dimona and as far north as Netanya.

As of noon, at least 50 red alert sirens have sounded off in Israel with at least 25 rockets hitting the central region. Two Israelis have been hospitalized – one for shock and one injured while running to a bomb shelter.

Pubic transportation is limited with all trains to the South cancelled. Ben Gurion Airport remains open, but flight paths have been altered, so that planes are not placed in danger during flight or during takeoff/landing.

Some residents are stocking up on food and water in anticipation of a greater conflict.

Last week, Breaking Israel News reported that the head of Hamas threatened to fire rockets at Tel Aviv for six months. Could this be the beginning of him making good on the threat?

Below, commuters in Israel exit their vehicles amidst warning sirens of incoming rockets