Jun 22, 2021


An Arab who lives in the Palestinian Authority controlled section of Hebron that has converted to Judaism was arrested by the Palestinian Authority and tortured reports Ynet.

The man who can’t be identified out of concern for his safety, would receive a permit to enter Jerusalem where he studied at the Machon Meir Yeshiva (seminary) in Jerusalem while working at a supermarket there. The yeshiva is known for its nationalistic leanings and runs a very successful conversion program.

The torture that he endured at the hands of the Palestinian Authority left his limbs “badly burned”.

The convert is 50-years-old and although he lived in Hebron, he received approval to work at a supermarket in the Jerusalem area. He converted on Rosh Hashanah at a strict ultra-orthodox court in the central city of Bnei Brak by Rabbi Nissim Karelitz z”l. Rabbi Karelitz passed away on Monday.

While studying at the yeshiva, his conversion was in the process of being recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel before he was detained. The recognition would have enabled him to apply for Israeli citizenship.

But on Yom Kippur eve, he went to an area of the Judea that was under Palestinian security control, just beyond Area B, which is under Israeli security control. At that location, he was supposed to meet up with one of his nine children, who along with his wife are all Muslim.

However the family reunion appeared to be a set up. That’s because once they met, a car with four men inside got out and forced him into the vehicle and drove off. Then he was transferred to a Palestinian Authority police station in Hebron.

According to Haim Perg, of the Jewish community in Hebron, the victim is the grandchild of an Arab who helped save Jews during the 1929 Hebron massacre.

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s like my son, and I will shake up the world for somebody to come and save him,” Perg said. “The man’s grandfather rescued 26 Jews during the events in Hebron. Now that he is in danger, we have a commitment to help him.”

According to Perg, he was being severely beaten, His interrogators even burned his hands and feet during the torture sessions.

Various sources are saying that the official reason for his arrest is an old assault complaint filed by his brother several months ago.

The victim denies those allegations, saying that his brothers were the ones who beat him mercilessly and told him that he will be denied the family’s inheritance due to his conversion to Judaism.

“His brothers must distance themselves from him in order to show that they don’t support the conversion, otherwise they will also suffer greatly,” said attorney Michael Teplow who is associated with the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, a right-wing, pro-settler group, who specializes in assisting Palestinian who cooperate with Israel.