Oct 05, 2022
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As I prepare to leave for South Africa next month for speaking engagements set by our PJTN Chapter in Johannesburg, comes the unwelcome headline that the Anglican Church in SA (ACSA) has decided to support the BDS Movement against Israel by formally passing a resolution entitled “Time To Act In Solidarity With Palestine.”

Could it be any more obvious that God is orchestrating this mission for PJTN for “a time such as this?”

The resolution passed represents Anglican Christian communities in southern African countries including South Africa, Nambia, Mozambique, and Angola.  In all, the ACSA represents churches serving a total of over 50 million members.

The resolution states that there are similarities between apartheid in South Africa and the Israel-Palestinian conflicts, which the resolution terms “worse than apartheid.”

The influence of Ilhan Omar has a reach that long extends beyond the halls of Congress in America.  The SA resolution creators were sparked to include reference to Israel’s decision in August to deny entry to BDS supporters Omar and Tlaib as “undemocratic.”

On my July trip to officially open the PJTN Chapter in SA, I had the distinct honor of meeting with both Jewish and Christian leadership.  I was greeted by an amazingly enthusiastic audience that included Christian representation from the South African parliament, several recognized and honored tribal kings and a significant turn-out of black African Christian leadership, all of whom enthusiastically pledged their support to the PJTN mandate to win the global battle against antisemitism on our watch.

PJTN’s introduction into South Africa comes as a by-product of Cardoza-Moore’s recognition by television audiences around the world as the host of Focus On Israel, a 30-minute weekly telecast carried by an alliance of major TV media partners whose broadcast coalition brings the series to a potential viewing audience of 2 billion households worldwide.

My message included strategies for healing of the wounds of recent past history.  South Africa played a historical role in the links of BDS and the rise of the ‘new antisemitism’ being seen worldwide.  The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) emerged at the 2001 UN sponsored World Conference on Racism and Racial Intolerance which was held in Durban, South Africa.  What ultimately was born of the meeting was a document called the ‘Declaration of Principles’ that birthed the BDS Movement, declaring Israel to be a racist apartheid state and accusing it of committing crimes against humanity, demanding punishment and world censure, as well as the imposing of world sanctions on the diplomatic, economic, social and military fronts between all nations and the Jewish nation.

Our mission next month comes amid increasing pressure from the pro-Palestinian organizations in South Africa pushing the BDS movement, as well as from similar agenda coming from the ruling African National Congress Party, which has long been hostile to Israel.

The climate in South Africa should be deeply disturbing to every Christian American—and certainly to every PJTN Watchman!

Realizing that 80% of South Africans are Christian, antisemitism is none the less rampant in the country because replacement theology is a widely accepted doctrine there, fueling misinformed and misdirected hatred for Israel.  The black South African church is a crucial center point to the coalition we are forming to defeat the age-old hatred and the progression of antisemitism in our generation through the implementation of both action and education.

We must be are prepared to win the battle!

Thank you for your best gift to PJTN today as we prepare to educate, motivate and activate Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience who will come within the sound of our messaging in South Africa.  The trip and all related expenses are a “faith mission” that PJTN has been called to accomplish, so every financial gift will buy miles to touch hearts and change minds on of this important journey.