Dec 01, 2021

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8-year-old Itai Margi was killed in an accident in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur reports Arutz 7. The driver – an Arab from Ramla “was driving at a crazy speed”. But Arabs driving dangerously to provoke Jews on this high holy day wasn’t limited to just Tel Aviv.

eight-year-old Itai Margi (courtesy of family)

Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem

On the eve of Yom Kippur when Jewish Israelis were fasting, a group of Arabs from the adjacent Muslim neighborhood of Beit Hanina gathered near the Pisgat Ze’ev Mall in Jerusalem with loudspeakers while blasting music reports Rotter. The Arabs harassed pedestrians and interrupted the quiet ambiance of Yom Kippur in Israel. When a policeman approached the gang and asked them to quit harassing and disturbing the residents, the Arabs responded by beating the officer and throwing him to the floor. They continued kicking him and only fled the scene when several Jewish onlookers came to his aid.

A few hours later, several Arabs regrouped at the mall. This time, they took out their phones and took pictures of underage Jewish girls and harass them by whistling, epithets and even showing them “disturbing photographs.”

At one point at around 3:00 AM, over 200 Arabs gathered in the entrance to Pisgat Ze’ev. They turned on loudspeakers and began playing music and even threw stones at those walking on the main road. Several residents were hit by the stones thrown by the Arabs. 

Reports came in that one Arab man in his 20’s exposed himself to underage Jewish minors and is known in Pisgat Zeev as a repeat offender.

Bat Yam, Israel

In Bat Yam, Arab motorcyclists from Yafo drove wildly next to a crowd of Jewish worshippers also blasting their music on Yom Kippur eve. When they were asked to stop, the Arabs cussed the Israelis out. So the Jewish crowd took matters into their own hands and fought back against the Arab bullies as you can see in the video below:

Lod and Nazareth

In the mixed Jewish/Arab city of Lod, Arabs threw stones at the local synagogue and the burnt vehicles belonging to Jewish residents. Many in the community said that they’ve never seen this level of harassment before. Also in Nof Hagalil (Upper Nazareth) Jews complained of Arabs harassing old Jewish men by terrorizing them with loud motorcycle driving in close proximity.