Oct 02, 2022
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Officials in PM Netanyahu’s Likud Party have contacted law enforcement and provided details regarding Yisrael Beitenu chairman Avigdor Liberman’s undeclared foreign bank accounts. The site believes that the Police will not rush to investigate according to Walla! News.

Netanyahu might have had enough of his one time running mate, Liberman, blocking the former’s continuation to lead the country.

Walla cited “trusted political sources” who acted on the backdrop of tension between Netanyahu and Lieberman regarding the former’s second unsuccessful bid to form a coalition. The sources said that the Likud’s top officials have turned to the police with what they deem to be ‘incriminating evidence’. The complaint focused on foreign bank accounts held overseas that were not legally declared.

This type of information, can be verified with documentation that can be provided to the National Fraud Investigation Unit, where a staff of officers with over a decade of experience investigating Liberman’s past allegations can be found. This includes Assaf Wolffish, an investigator involved in just about all of Lieberman previous investigations. If the information is indeed accurate, the tax authority will also be involved, as suspicions of disappearance of income will also be investigated.

If it turns out that the source of funds is someone that a public servant is not allowed to receive money from, Liberman can also be investigated for fraud, breach of trust and even bribery.

The report also adds that at this point, the accuracy of the complaint filed is still unknown.