May 29, 2022

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After hinting at reconquering Hebron in a speech several weeks ago, the Prime Minister made it official: Netanyahu will annex Hebron and Kiryat Arba following elections.

In an interview with host Efi Triger on Army Radio’s Good Morning Israel program, Netanyahu announced his intention to re-assert Israeli sovereignty over the city that Abraham originally purchased from Ephron the Hittite.

Avraham paid out to Ephron the money that he had named in the hearing of the Hittites—four hundred shekalim of silver at the going merchants’ rate. (Genesis 23:16)

Breaking Israel News highlighted in a previous article the significance of a such a move. As Rabbi Hochbaum explained, that any Jewish leader of Israel who wants to re-establish the Davidic Kingdom in Jerusalem, must first connect to Hebron: “King David understood that before he established an eternal kingdom in Jerusalem, he needed to be connected to his roots: Abraham and Sara, Isaac and Rivkah, Jacob and Leah. He established his kingdom in Hebron for seven years before going up to Jerusalem. Without roots, there can be no future. The roots of Judaism and the Jewish people are in Hebron.”

Also in that same interview, the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to annex all Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria saying: “I said this to Trump, I plan to apply sovereignty on all of the settlements, including in the blocs, and the territory [around it] and all the settlements and the sites that have importance from a security or Israeli heritage perspective,” Netanyahu said.

“I said that no one will be uprooted, I won’t recognize the [Palestinian] right of return and I said that Jerusalem must remain united. All these things were said,” the Prime Minister said.