Oct 01, 2022
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Noam, the anti-LGBT party, has officially dropped out of the race on Sunday reports Kipa. This is good news for the Pro-Third Temple party, Otzma Yehudit. That’s because the latter will likely enjoy the desperately needed votes of the like-minded Noam party who shares many similar outlooks except for one – the Third Temple.

According to a report released on Friday by Temple Mount activist Avraham Bloch, Otzma Yehudit, the only openly pro-Third Temple party in the Israeli elections could receive tens of thousands of votes from a party called Noam if the latter drops out of the race. For Noam to drop out of the election race would make sense since they are not expected to pass the minimum 3.25% threshold while Otzma Yehudit, headed by Itamar Ben-Gvir is. This means that all those tens of thousands of votes will be wasted on election day – votes that Otzma Yehudit could really use since they’re expected to just barely pass the threshold and Noam’s extra votes certainly increase their chances.

The Noam party was ready to quit as early as last week giving Otzma Yehudit some desparately-needed votes on one condition – they abandon their position in favor of Jews making pilgrimage to the Temple Mount.

But it looks like Ben-Gvir made the right decision to reportedly balk at their offer continuing to strengthen Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount. That’s because the Noam party quit anyways and their ultimatum appeared to be an apparent bluff.

In a post, Bloch blasted Noam’s ultimatum who is backed by the anti-Temple Mount Jewish sect Har Hamor saying: “This demand will only hurt Jews looking to make pilgrimage to the Temple Mount alone. Har Hamor doesn’t care if gentiles enter the Temple Mount or if Muslims continue to incite there to kill soldiers and police or just Jews in general. What’s important for them is that Jews don’t go there. On election day, go vote. But make sure that the hand that is holding the note is not shaking. There are plenty of other parties that can represent your interests. From Otzma Yehudit, to Yemina to the Likud. Remember, a vote for Noam is a vote to abandon the Temple Mount.”

It appears as though Bloch’s wish will come true as the party has announced their resignation.