Oct 21, 2021

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In a what appears to be a gaffe, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s main election rival, ‘Blue and White’ party leader Benny Gantz said: “I demand to tell you that I am not against anyone, I am against all of the people of Israel”.

Although it appears to be an innocent gaffe, Gantz boasts a long record of gaffes challenging the Israeli public making this the third time he ‘unintentionally’ spoke against the Israeli people as a whole.

That’s because during a radio interview back in April, regarding his election hopes Gantz said : “We will be the biggest (party). The president will ask us to form a coalition and no one will stop us, not the Israeli people, not the politicians or anyone else.” Obviously, this raises the question – if he was to be democratically elected, why would the Israeli people “stop” him from forming the government?

In another instance in July, while addressing Prime Minister Netanyahu, Gantz caught himself stating that the people of Israel are stupid saying: “Bibi, the people are stup- not stupid.”

So perhaps these are all simply Gaffes that keep repeating themselves or…who knows, maybe they are Freudian slips.

At the time that this article was written, Netanyahu’s Likud party and Gantz’s Blue and White party are neck and neck in the polls at 32 a piece. Elections are set to take place on Tuesday September 17.

Last month, Breaking Israel News reported that after Benny Gantz realized that Netanyahu intended on appointing Moshe Feiglin as a top official, Gantz envisioned the Third Temple being built.