Oct 02, 2022
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A new expose by Zman Yisrael reveals that: “The New Right” party’s bylaws reveal that Naftali Bennett is the party’s only chairman. This means that he holds all of the power. Ayelet Shaked on the other hand (as well as other members) are “advisory”. And Bennett’s intention to split from the “Yemina” list following elections on Tuesday will strip Shaked of any power or decision making despite the fact that she is currently heading the “Yemina” list.

The report adds that Bennet’s “New Right” political party outright refuses to disclose details of its official legal status. Attempts by the media outlet to obtain the party’s bylaws and better understand whether  Bennett is listed as party chairman exclusively, or whether Ayelet Shaked is as well was answered with: “No Comment.” The reason that they’re being so ambiguous is to maintain the image that Shaked is the leader of the “Yemina” list.

However, during a press conference that both Bennett and Shaked held last week with “Zehut” members, a journalist from “Kan 11” asked if the merger with members of the disbanded Zehut party means that the “New Right” will break from its partners in “Yemina”. Shaked dodged the question on the premise that she was in a rush to go to a parlor meeting. That’s when Bennett stepped up with an implied response.

“I, as chairman of the ‘New Right’, say that we offer an independent path. You have seen diversity here in positions. I am insisting that we conduct coalition negotiations together, but in some areas, our views diverge greatly.”

“When it comes to politics/diplomacy, we actually agree on everything. On matters of religion and state, we disagree. On the economic issue, we have some disagreements and some agreements. That is why I definitely see the ‘New Right’ as a long-term movement…. ‘The New Right’ will act as an independent faction in the next Knesset.”

An inquiry to the Justice Department’s party registrar shows that Bennett is the only party chairman of the “New Right,” which still bears the name “Tzalash – Zionism, Liberalism, and Equality.”