Sep 18, 2021

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Earlier this week, Breaking Israel News cited a Fox News. report stating that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) made a pilgrimage to the Western Wall in Jerusalem and prayed that his state will not get hit by any hurricanes this year. It appears as though God has answered his prayers favorably.

FL Gov Ron Desantis prays at Western Wall (courtesy: screenshot)

That’s because Hurricane Dorian, has ‘stayed far enough off the coast to largely spare Florida from the worst of its wrath’ according to the Washington Post.  It now appears to be headed for the Carolinas.

DeSantis revealed that he observed the Jewish tradition of placing a piece of paper with a written out prayer in between the cracks at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during his May visit to the Jewish state. The Western Wall was the retaining wall of the Temple Mount.

“Good Lord, spare us hurricanes this year,” the governor of the Storm Prone state said he wrote on the note.

So far, Hurricane Dorian has killed 20 people in the Bahamas while prime minister Hubert Minnis stated some areas had been “decimated” reports the BBC.

Meteorologists warned it could hit the coast of South or North Carolina on Thursday.