Mar 03, 2021

The Washington Post, no friend of Israel, devoted an editorial this August 27th to Israel’s supposed warmongering (active defense) against Iran. It’s true that Israel has been very proactive in its own defense in the last few month, attacking Iranian attempts to move its firepower closer to Israel’s border and to beef up its proxy Hezbullah’s already huge supply of missiles aimed at Israel.

According to the Post, Israel’s actions risk endangering American troops in Iraq. Some excerpts from the Post editorial follow below, with my countervailing arguments. It’s a sad day when one of the United States’ most influential newspapers paints such a dark picture of a close ally like Israel, which is defending itself in an existential battle with the dark forces controlling Iran.

Editorial title: The hype over possible U.S.- Iran talks obscured something much more ominous

France’s President Macron, who in my opinion is no friend of the US or Israel, is attempting to arrange a meeting between President Trump and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, for the ostensible purpose of reducing tensions between the US and Iran. Let’s not forget that the EU, which is primarily an organization under which Germany and France (Germany as senior partner), controls most of Europe’s economy and hinders US efforts to demolish Iran’s position as the world’s leading supporter of terrorism.

Iran is the avowed and vocal enemy of the Great Satan (US) and Little Satan (Israel). Europe, which has subcontracted its defense to the US under the guise of NATO, is only interested in preventing terrorism in its own territory, to the point that both Germany (see and France (see made deals with Arab terrorists allowing them immunity for terror against other states, if Germany and France were spared murderous attacks. Europe has a very cozy relationship with Iran (it’s all about the money) and has no scruples about doing business with a country that truly deserves the title, “evil empire.” Hence President Macron’s efforts to weaken the Trump administration’s resolve to prevent Iran from realizing its goal of having nuclear weapons to enhance its power, specifically endangering the two “Satans.”

Washington Post: [T]he hype over a possible diplomatic breakthrough [talks] obscured a much more ominous development: another escalation in Iran-related tensions across the Middle East, this time driven by Israel.

Steve Kramer: So, it’s “ominous” that Israel is reacting, (the Post calls that “escalating”) against Iran, which is busy trying to outflank Israel from Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq with its Shiite proxy armies. Israel’s proactive actions are in its own interest and in the West’s interest as well. Europe is willfully blind to Iran’s moves against the West because Europe is in the process of changing from a Western continent into a Muslim enclave, part of Iran’s hoped-for Caliphate. This is not hyperbole; Europe’s leaders have sold out to the Iranians, and Muslims in general, and are promoting the demise of their millennia-old culture. Those European governments are right wing, while many Western European governments have already become beholden to Muslim voters. You can read all about this upheaval in Charles Murray’s “The Strange Death of Europe.” (See

WP: Israel clearly has a right to defend itself from Iranian attacks [thank you Washington Post], and there should be no objection to its action in Syria, a lawless country where Tehran and its allies operate with impunity. But the expansion of what has been a mostly measured and covert Israeli campaign to Iraq comes with considerable risks — including for the United States.

SK: The US is Israel’s most stalwart ally, and vice versa. The US is in Iraq for a reason, to prevent the expansion of the ISIS throughout the Middle East and beyond. This effort is supported by Israeli actions, not hindered. If Iran gains total control in Iraq – it has partial control already – the efforts of both Israel and the US will be thwarted.

WP: Some 5,000 U.S. troops are still based in Iraq — and could be targets for Iranian reprisals; at the same time, the Iraqi government, which remains allied with Washington, is highly vulnerable to pressure from the Shiite militia groups which, among other things, control a large bloc in parliament. That Shiite faction reacted to the attack on the militia convoy Sunday by blaming both Israel and the United States and calling for U.S. forces to leave the country.

SK: Yes, 5,000 Americans are in Iraq. They are in danger from America’s enemies, not from Israel. If Israel were defeated by Iran and its proxies, the US would become the West’s first line of defense against the jihadists on their home turf. Obviously, it’s to America’s advantage that Israel puts itself at the spear point, since this is Israel’s neighborhood. If Israel were defeated, America’s standing as the leading superpower would be demolished because it couldn’t protect its close ally.

The WP’s statement that Iraq’s government is allied with Washington is simplistic: In the same sentence, it admits that Iran controls a large bloc in the Iraqi Parliament. Iran is slowly taking over Iraq while Israel is its main obstacle to achieving a powerful swath across the Middle East straight through to the Mediterranean Sea.

My conclusion
If Iran were to defeat Israel, thereby achieving its goal of being the hegemon of the Middle East, surely Europe will be under an even greater Muslim assault than it is today. Israel, in defending itself against Iran, is the West’s point of the spear. To its credit, Israel doesn’t ask for any soldiers other than its own to defend itself. If Israel were to fall, then the US and the West in general would face an empowered Iran with nuclear weapons (which Israel has promised and is determined to thwart). The Washington Post should get over its suspicion of Israel, open its eyes, and appreciate what really is transpiring in the Middle East.