Oct 03, 2022
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Unconfirmed reports show that the IDF faked an evacuation of wounded soldiers after the Hezbollah terrorist organization launched an anti-tank missile hitting an IDF patrol vehicle.

Hizbollah claimed that mannequins were occupying patrol jeeps in Israel’s north (credit: 0404)

According to the reports, the IDF left a patrol Jeep in an empty field near the town of Avivim on Israel’s northern border that was occupied with mannequins dressed in fatigues to give the impression that there were real live troops inside the vehicle.

Hezbollah took the bait and fired at the stationary vehicle that the mannequins with ‘“a number of anti-tank missiles” were sitting in. Once that happened, the IDF evacuated two living healthy soldiers in an apparent drill to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

The reason for the faked evacuation is unknown.

As a response, the IDF shelled the area from where the attack originated from on Lebanese soil.

According to the Hezbollah site Al Manar, the Hezbollah accurately hit the vehicle “killing and injuring” all soldiers on board. The Hezbollah news site also said that they were aware of the targets deliberately set up by the IDF to bait them but they avoided hitting those targets.

Hezbollah also used the evacuation images as proof of a successful attack despite the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu “Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that none of his soldiers were injured”.